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AxSun Solar GmbH & Co. KG

Laupheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany[email protected]+4973929696854

About Company:

Axsun Solar stands for long lasting experience and innovation, highest quality and reliability, first class customer service, sustainability and forward-looking growth. That’s where we develop and manufacture our high quality photovoltaic modules. The sun is able to continuously satisfy our needs for energy without any downsides like CO2 emmissions. We at AxSun are fascinated by the magic of the sun. A few sunrays only are enough to make us humans happy. Moreover, inexhaustible energy is a lavish gift of the sun. In 2007 we started to develop and manufacture premium solar modules to change sun light into electrical energy with the best German engineering quality. A major focus for all of us and for company founder Axel Skuthan is the longevity and reliability of the modules together with strict German standards. And we are very successful. All over the German speaking part of Europe, the Netherlands, Italy, France and increasingly around the world
  1. Standard PV-Module

  2. Monocrystalline PV-Module

  3. Glas-Glas Module

  4. Polycrystalline PV-Module

  5. BIPV PV-Module