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Hirschmann Automotive GmbH

Supplier for the automotive industry

About Company:

Since more than 50 years, we work on the progress of the automotive industry. We stand for movement and security on the street. For us that means flexibility, reliability and innovation. We developed a new generation of sensors for the industry. They work contactless and make it without wear parts. If it’s about standard sensors or customized solutions, our sensors deliver exact values under most difficult conditions. In 2010 we set up our Renewable Energy division with a view to improving connection technology for photovoltaic systems in line with a development philosophy of fresh ideas. The scope of application is huge and vary from automation technology and energy supply to aviation and aerospace industry. Thus we are responsible that our sensors provide precision all over the world.
  1. Connectors, Sensors

  2. Stamping & Bending Technology

  3. High-voltage Applications, High Frequency Technology

  4. Wiring in the Chassis Area, Special Cable Assemblies

  5. E-Bike and Pedelec Solutions