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Smart Energysystems International AG (SEI AG)

Renewable Off-grid Power Supply Systems

About Company:

SMART ENERGY SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL AG (SEI AG) is power supply from renewable energy sources. The technologies we apply use solar and wind energy and hydropower as energy source. In addition to providing systems that are connected to the national grid, we install and supply turnkey off-grid systems. SEI AG operates worldwide. This is true for countries of the northern and southern hemisphere. Many of our systems, we have developed, are decidedly for use in emerging and developing countries. In the last 10 years we have implemented some 1,000 projects around the world. We take the advice, planning and implementation of individual projects. On the basis of our worldwide sales and service network, we deliver complete systems and components worldwide.
  1. Off-grid systems

  2. PV storage systems

  3. Backup power supply

  4. Project management

  5. Systems monitoring