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About Company:

Heliix was founded in the beginning of 2013, on an idea that transformed the way we think about renewable energy. Nick Arapkoules, who co-founded Heliix along with Panagiotis Papadiamantis and Anastasios Petrou, saw the vast unexploited energy source in solar thermal collectors, and decided to create a technology that uses it to produce clean, low cost electricity. By May of the same year, the technology to make his idea a reality was already under development, and by June of 2013 Heliix was officially born. Clean, reliable, low-cost and low-carbon energy is crucial to economic development and a sustainable energy future. As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the solar energy revolution, at double-digit rates worldwide. Solar growth will continue to soar in the coming years, across all its different applications – whether residential or commercial.
  1. Energy Solutions

  2. Energy Technologies

  3. Waste Heat Recovery, Biogas

  4. CHP, Co-generation

  5. Solar