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CALMAC manufactures thermal energy storage for more environmentally friendly, low cost cooling as well as skating floors for ice rinks around the world. The company specializes in ice storage and has a long history of commitment to innovative energy saving solutions including patents for over 200 products. CALMAC’s IceBank energy storage is the company`s flagship product and is used to store renewable energy and inexpensive off-peak electricity in the form of ice for use during peak demand periods. Reducing the peak electric demand can cut energy consumption up to 50%, reduce source energy and emissions by 30% and delay or eliminate construction of new power plants and transmission lines. Its systems are installed at the LEED Platinum Bank of America tower in New York City as well as in over 4,000 projects around the world.
  1. IceBank® Energy Storage Model C tank, IceBank® Energy Storage Model A tank

  2. Thermal Battery Systems, Glycol Management System

  3. IceMat® Ice Rinks

  4. IceBank® Energy Storage Specs and Drawings

  5. Plate Heat Exchanger