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At Conico Innovations we strive to develop highly innovative products for applications in energy conservation and renewable energy generation. Our aim is not only to develop novel product concepts, but also to translate these concepts into practical and economical product designs, with a strong focus on reliability and durability. The Thermo-Differential Valve and its unique actuation technology, as well as its applications, are IP protected (patent pending) by Conico Innovations Pty Ltd. If you are interested in using this technology in your thermal storage systems, please contact us to discuss the licensing and supply options available. Conico Limited (ASX Code CNJ) is based in Perth, Western Australia. Conico is currently involved in the development of the Mt Thirsty cobalt-nickel oxide deposit. Conico was spun out of Tasman Resources Ltd (ASX Code TAS) and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in June 2007.
  1. Mt Thirsty Cobalt Nickel Oxide Project

  2. Differential Valve

  3. Energy Conservation

  4. Renewable Energy

  5. Metallurgical Testwork and Flowsheets