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Energía ERCAM

Solar Tracking & Fix structures world leader Company

Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Spain
http://ercam.es/[email protected]+34949201726

About Company:

ENERGIA ERCAM S.A is an engineering company, founded in Guadalajara, Spain in the year 2000, to meet the needs of the Spanish renewable solar energy market. Since the startup of the company, we have conducted our activities in the field of RENEWABLE ENERGY and we have become leaders in manufacturing and installing Solar Trackers. Since the very beginning, we have set as main goals concern for the environment and the development of renewable and energy-savings projects. ERCAM‘s patented products and proprietary industrial designs ensure a continual R&D. ENERGÍA ERCAM has designed and developed a structural solution that gives a field of PV solar panels the capacity to track the position of the sun, consequently maximizing solar energy production everywhere in the world.
  1. Solar Trackers

  2. Fix structures