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Asahi Intecc USA, Inc.

About Company:

SAHI INTECC develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative medical products and components. Our production system is based on four core technologies that encompass the entire manufacturing process – from selection and treatment of raw materials to the distribution of sterile medical devices. The ASAHI INTECC Medical Division researches, develops, and manufactures devices such as Coronary, Peripheral and Neurovascular Guidewires, Microcatheters, and Support Catheters. ASAHI products are known for establishing new standards for precision engineering and device performance. ASAHI INTECC USA INC. began direct sales of the ASAHI Corsair and Tornus Microcatheters and the CHIKAI Neurovascular Guidewire in 2012. We are building an organization to respond to physician needs, provide exceptional customer service, and support therapy development activities for the benefit of patients across the Americas. At ASAHI INTECC our mission is to create devices that precisely match the needs of complex medical procedures with the capabilities of our devices. That commitment is reflected in the uncompromising standards used to design each of the products that we design and manufacture.
  1. Coronary

  2. Peripheral and Neurovascular Guidewires

  3. Microcatheters

  4. Support Catheters