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​Dawn of the Plug-and-Play Microgrid

About Company:

ARDA Power uses patented technology to provide the core functionality for a range of power electronics solutions targeted at the emerging and now rapidly growing market for distributed power generation. ARDA foresees a continued and rapid shift to more distributed generation, with more energy produced closer to where it is consumed, and greater reliance on renewable energy sources. Many of these sources including solar energy and fuel cells, as well as storage, generate DC power and require dedicated DC power grids to operate efficiently. At the same time, there is a growing trend towards incorporating DC powered loads like LED lighting and EV chargers. ARDA’s solutions make the design and installation of these DC power grids safer, more efficient, less complex, and less expensive, providing ARDA with a tremendous opportunity to participate in and lead the ongoing revolution in distributed power generation.
  1. DC Microgrid Solution

  2. Battery DC-DC Converter

  3. University Microgrid

  4. EV Fast Charger / C&I Microgrid

  5. Military ​Microgrid