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ORC Machines for clean energy activated from waste or renewable heat

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The Rank® machines produce electrical energy and useful heat from a low-temperature heat source. They are based on the Rankine organic cycle (ORC, Organic Rankine Cycle) and are especially suitable for the energy revalorization of low-temperature heat sources. Among the main applications of the Rank® machines, we highlight the utilisation of waste heat and the use of renewable heat sources. It is also interesting the combination of the heat sink in cogeneration or trigeneration systems. Therefore, the Rank® machines are connected to heat sources with inlet temperatures between 90 °C and 210 °C and thermal power between 100 kWt and 1,500 kWt.
  1. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) modules

  2. Micro-power equipment

  3. Micro-cogeneration equipment

  4. Energy Efficiency, Renewable energy

  5. Low grade waste heat reutilization