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Future Renewable Energy Enterprises, LLC (FREE)

Trenton, New Jersey, United States

About Company:

Future Renewable Energy Enterprises is a customer satisfaction leader in New Jersey. We serve clients throughout the Northeast, including those in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. In 2005, our team began installing solar power in New Jersey. Since then, we have installed more than 1,100kW of solar power and employ 20 full time employees. We handle all of the steps of installation `in-house` allowing us to control every piece of the puzzle and ensure you are completely satisfied. If you don`t recommend F.R.E.E. to someone after having a solar solution installed at your home or business, then we haven`t done our job. We are a leading customer satisfaction provider in the northeast and we won`t stop until you are satisfied. We operate honestly and with integrity. We use only the highest quality modules, inverters, racking, and other system components. We take steps to ensure quality,
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