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OceanEnergy is a world leader in Innovative Renewable Energy within the wave energy industry. Wave technology is one of the most exciting areas of untapped energy potential and OceanEnergy have developed ground breaking technology to harness the power of the ocean. Given fluctuating fuel prices and the impact of global warming, Ocean Energy is now in a very strong position to commercialise the vast body of research and development it has invested in over the past 10 years. The sea is a limitless source of power and is a challenging environment, so in order to exploit wave energy commercially there are a number of key components required. The opportunity for marine energy is that it can meet a significant percentage of the global energy demand.
  1. Wave Energy, Renewable Energy, Maritime Industry, Offshore Renewable Energy, Offshore Engineering

  2. Naval Architecture, Seawater Desalination, Island Energy Technology, Niche Energy Markets, Aquaculture

  3. Oil & Gas Supplemental Energy, Novel Materials in Marine Environment, Utility Electricity

  4. Floating Ocean Structures, Air Turbines, Mooring Systems, Dynamic Umbilical Systems

  5. Power Quality, Low/Medium Voltage Power, Levelised Cost of Energy, Environmental Regulations, Permitting