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Empower Energies

Empower Energies designs, builds, owns, and finances commercial and industrial scale solar projects

About Company:

Empower Energies, Inc., headquartered in Troy, Michigan, is a renewable portfolio solutions provider focused on commercial-scale renewable energy, enterprise energy management, and clean transport infrastructure for General Motors and other industrial customers, both in the United States and internationally. As a trusted energy management advisor to large corporations, Empower Energies builds programs for each customer that apply precisely the right mix to meet its specific sustainability objectives. We are a renewable portfolio solutions company that provides a distinctive, integrated offer consisting of three inter-related market segments worldwide: Commercial-Scale Renewable Energy, Clean Transport Infrastructure & Enterprise Energy Management.
  1. Roof-Mounted Solar, Ground-Mounted Solar (on or off site), Solar Parking Canopy

  2. Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

  3. Fuel Cells, Energy Storage

  4. Renewable Portfolio Solutions Provider, Commercial-Scale Renewable Energy

  5. Clean Transport Infrastructure, Enterprise Energy Management