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RexCo Technology

New Energy, New Hope!

About Company:

RexCo Technology focus on wind turbine, permanent magnet generator, solar panel, controllers design and producing for decade. Meanwhile, we provide solutions like wind turbine system, wind solar hybrid system for home, streetlight, monitoring. We owns a great number of professional personnel, advanced manufacturing and testing facilities, particularly the wind tunnel which can create desirable conditions for developing and testing products and over years it has formed an integrated system of design, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales. In the past decade, our perfect products and service bring new clean energy to 96 countries. _x000D_
  1. Horizontal Wind Turbine, Vertical Wind Turbine

  2. Permanent Magnet Generator

  3. Controller

  4. Wind Solar Hybrid Streetlight

  5. On Grid Wind Turbine System, Wind Solar Hybrid System, Off Grid Wind solar hybrid system

Categories of Products Manufactured by RexCo Technology:

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  • Vertical Wind Turbines
    28 Devices