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Diamind Solar Technologies

Making Your Solar Installations Flawless

About Company:

Diamind Technologies designs and builds premium solar energy systems. They range from 1 kilowatt to over 500 kilowatt systems and power businesses, government and agricultural facilities, and homes. We are very passionate about the Solar industry and our team has extensive experience and a unique business model. We focus on designing, building, and monitoring solar solutions to provide the highest return on investment. Our connections to Ontario based vendors and our partnerships enable us to get high quality materials on time to allow us to manage project schedules and expectations to ensure a high level of success and satisfaction. Our key technologies allow us to design and install, turnkey solar systems to our customers. We stand behind every system we deliver 100% and offer industry leading followup and after care to our customers.
  1. Solar Panels

  2. Cool Roofs

  3. HVAC

  4. Energy Star Windows