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Rioglass Solar

Sun & Glass: a Strategic Alliance

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Rioglass Solar is a global leader in designing and manufacturing optical CSP and CPV components. Rioglass Solar, your partner for optical CSP and CPV components, is an international company offering high quality HCE tubes and concentrating mirrors. Founded in 2007, it now is the largest supplier of CSP HCE tubes and concentrating mirrors in the world with modern production facilities, and with worldwide presence in the CSP market. Rioglass Solar offers the best economic solutions based on innovative designs and concepts combined with highly automated production capacity to produce high quality products and uniform quality to our customers worldwide. Rioglass Solar is now the largest CSP mirror supplier in the world with cutting edge production facilities in Spain, United States and South Africa.
  1. Concentrating mirrors for CSP and CPV applications

  2. Heliostat mirror facets for central receivers

  3. Tempered mirrors for parabolic trough and solar dish

  4. Linear Fresnel mirror solutions

  5. HCE tubes for parabolic trough and linear Fresnel