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Newpower Generator

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Newpower Generator is a manufacturing company providing services in the energy sector since 2003 without interruption. Newpower operating in this sector to meet the continuous energy needs, our generators have proved Authenticity both in local markets and in international markets, especially in Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, the Turkish Republic and in the Middle East markets. Service network in more than 180 countries and regions Alloutlets are adhering to the most strict standarts, to ensure that customers have the best service available in every corner of the world. R & D work on wide space that suports Newpower development , it manufactures generators to meet the needs of all kinds of consumers. Newpower, producing electrisity power generators and installation service with 10-years spare parts service.
  1. Diesel Engine Generators, Synchronous Generators

  2. Cogenerators, Trigenerators

  3. Mobile Generators, Marine Generators

  4. Lighting Towers

  5. Customized Generator Manufacturing