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Sunlux Energy P. Ltd

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

About Company:

At Sunlux Energy P. Ltd, we are into manufacturing and provide the best solution for energy saving by offering highest quality solar systems andd Led lighting. Our solutions benefits you in the following way: Meet your lighting demands by offering high quality lights to create visual interest and to suit user's preference which makes your surrounding pleasing and vibrant. Well designed fixtures beautifies and add glamour to your interior and decor. Our led lights decreases your burden on ever surging power bills and lowers your light replacement cost. Our customer make profits with our innovative idea's. With the use of led lights, you can show your commitment to go green and more profit and show your commitment to Sustained Development. Our solar products brings power and technology to benefit people through availability of power.
  1. Solar Water Heater

  2. Flood Light, LED Panel Lights

  3. Bulb Products, COB Downlights

  4. Linear Profile & Led Bar

  5. Ceiling Light