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LandEnergy Limited

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LandEnergy Limited is a renewable energy business. We specialise in two types of wood energy: production of wood pellets and trade of wood pellets to provide a green energy solution for domestic and commercial customers. Building biomass Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP) to deliver electricity and heat to commercial users. LandEnergy is committed to bringing energy to market that can demonstrate real environmental and commercial benefits over fossil fuel sources. LandEnergy has a skilled management team with specialists in renewable energy, technology and agriculture. By combining this management team with our extremely experienced international partners we can provide the best solution for our customers. The Land Energy team has extensive experience designing and installing biomass boilers across a range of sizes, applications and fuel types, including wood pellet, wood chip, waste wood, coppiced timber and energy crops.
  1. Commercial Wood Pellet, Residential Wood Pellet

  2. Biomass, Commercially Viable Low Carbon Energy

  3. Bulk Blown Wood Pellet

  4. Superior Absorbency Animal Bedding and Cat Litter

  5. Wood Pellet Fuel