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The Finland-based Enviroburners Ltd designs and manufactures advanced industrial burner systems for energy production and environment protection. We understand how to get maximal benefits out of your industrial gaseous, liquid, and pulverized wastes. Some examples of waste streams used as fuels are odorous gases, liquid methanol and turpentine, solvent fumes, wood dust, carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. These waste fuels can be turned into useful thermal energy. The burners help to generate environmentally safe heat energy in all sizes of industrial plants and processes. These burner solutions utilize industrial wastes, which otherwise pollute air and soil, cause odor problems and expensive waste management costs.
  1. Start-up and Load Burners, Waste fuel burners (Waste incinerator)

  2. Burners for metallurgical processes

  3. Wood dust burners, Biofuel burners

  4. Special burners

  5. Start-up, maintenance and spare parts