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Frederick Cowan Products by ICI

Customized Solutions and Unrivaled Capabilities for Boiler Ignitor

About Company:

We create flexible designs & customize capabilities for all burner management applications, OEM manufactures of Direct Energy Ignitors, Customized Spark Plugs, Fuel, Gas & Oil Ignitors, Customized Burners Front Packages, Flame Scanners, Corona ARC Power Packs, First & Second Evolution Ignition Circuit Technology, Corona ARC & Power ARC Latest Technology & Live-ForEver ARC Conduit. Industries serviced include, power boilers, pulp & paper, process furnaces and marine gas turbines. Frederick Cowan Products by ICI has been servicing the industrial market place for over 50 years. We manufacture a wide range of IGNITION PROBES that are capable of meeting challenging applications, including the: PowerArc “Resistive” Spark Plugs, CoronaArc High Temperature Probes, Very High Voltage Sparkers, High Pressure Turbine Electrodes and probes with difficult diameter firing ends. Our proudest release being the CoronaArc Circuit for burners & fuel oil & gas ignitors – See Latest Innovations. _x000D_ _x000D_
  1. Direct Energy Ignitors Retract Mechanisms

  2. Customized High Energy Spark Ignitor Plugs

  3. Fuel & Gas Oil Ignitors

  4. CoronaArc Power Packs