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National Steel City LLC

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Plymouth, Michigan, United States

About Company:

With more than 85 years of operating experience, National Steel City, LLC (NSC) delivers comprehensive construction services, specializing in prime and turnkey installation of Air Quality Control Systems: scrubbers, absorbers, SCRs, and renovation rebuild of precipitators and scrubbers to the erection of Air-Cooled Condensers (ACCs) and coal-handling systems. Today, NSC is North America’s largest ACC installation contractor. We take on the responsibility of working directly with Facility Owners as well as large prime subcontractors. NSC also brings an impeccable reputation leading and managing some of the nation’s largest and complex fast-track projects in marquee commercial and critical infrastructure: sports arenas and stadiums, automotive assembly plants, convention centers, airport concourses and terminals, and general manufacturing facilities.
  1. Air Cooled Condensers (ACC), Combined Cycle Heat Recovery (HRSG)

  2. Power Plant SCRs, Power Plant FGDs

  3. Power Plant ElectroStatic Precipitators (ESP)

  4. Power Plant Pulse Jet Fabric Filter Systems (Baghouses)

  5. Chemical & Steel Industry Projects, Steel Erection