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About Company:

We are the company that does not fear comparisons because it was born from the passion for the environment and agriculture. We are the first to build our work on the basis of precision, innovation and know-how. Our company provides smart and innovative solutions to save such resources as water ad energy. Our target products are: Biochar for agriculture use, Wood pellets, Rapeseed oil, Hemp materials for construction. Functions: - Plant growth regulator, incubator and activator - Agrochemical intermediate - Preserve soil fertility and moisture - Repairs poor and damaged soils - Increase aeration of the soil - Component of `Terra preta` - High content of Carbon - Soil fertilizer - Increases crop yields
  1. BioCHAR

  2. BioHUMIN

  3. Pellets

  4. Rapeseed oil

  5. Hemp materials for construction