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Dependable Turbines Ltd. (DTL) was incorporated in 1978 and is now one of the premier companies in the design and manufacture of water turbines for micro and small scale hydroelectric power plants worldwide. Our hydro turbines range in capacity from 1kW, e.g. home power, net metering or rural electrification, up to 10,000kW, e.g. independent power producers (IPPs). The turbine-generators harness water power to produce electricity in a form of renewable energy. We can supply power house equipment all the way from sophisticated electronically regulated turbine generator units complete with switch gear and controls, down to basic turbines and related individual components with manual controls. Our hydroelectric systems are built to meet specifications for grid connected plants as well as off-the-grid isolated sites.
  1. Utilizing Hydro Turbines in Potable Water Systems

  2. Pelton, Turgo, Francis, Kaplan, Propeller and Fixed Flow Pump Turbines

  3. Electric Generators

  4. Turbine Governors

  5. Turbine Control Panels