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Moventas Oy

Leading provider of drivetrain technology and services in the wind industry

About Company:

Moventas is a wind power technology expert and service provider with 35 years of wind industry experience. Moventas’ technology strives to lower the cost of energy across the lifecycle of wind energy generation. Our aim is to bring the competitiveness of wind energy to a whole new level. We do this by bringing the levelized cost of energy as low as possible. Exceed product platform provides competitive edge for our customers by lowering the LCoE of wind turbines. Condition monitoring system CMaS as well as innovative up-tower and workshop services are aimed to lower O&M costs for turbine owners and operators. Our manufacturing expertise is born in Finland and we have 8 service and sales units in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. We are passionate about innovating gearbox solutions that enable cost-savings & trouble-free operations of wind turbines.
  1. Wind gear manufacturing, Wind gear overhaul and maintenance

  2. Remote condition management system

  3. Training, Expert services, Consultancy

  4. Renewable energy technology

  5. Offshore wind, Tidal and wave