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National Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC)

Specialists in grid connections, energy storage, renewable energy and sustainability

About Company:

National Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC) offers full project support for developers and investors in low carbon solutions for the built environment. With state-of the art renewable energy and electrical testing facilities for grid connection, NaREC is an indpendent company working to create innovative, integrated low carbon solutions using an approriate, tested mix of energy saving and micro-renewable solutions.
  1. Community Energy, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and carbon assessments

  2. Grid connection and utility scale renewable energy/energy storage systems

  3. Smart home trials and in-situ renewable energy systems tests, Energy efficiency, renewables & storage for buildings

  4. Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Low carbon buildings, Biomass and biofuels

  5. Wind, Solar thermal, Photovoltaics, Heat pumps, Combined heat and power (CHP), Batteries