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Infinis Energy Holdings Limited

Generating a Low Carbon future

About Company:

Infinis is one of the UK`s leading generators of renewable power. We operate a growing portfolio of landfill gas, onshore wind and hydro plants across the UK. In view of the challenging decarbonisation targets adopted by the UK government by 2020, we have a unique opportunity to play an active role in building out the UK renewable power generation capacity requirements over the coming decade. Infinis, in close cooperation with its shareholder Terra Firma, has the strategic vision, funding, operational and development capabilities to play a leading role in one of the most dynamic growth sectors while positively contributing to carbon abatement in communities across the UK.
  1. Captured Landfill Methane (CLM)

  2. Captured Mineral Methane (CMM)

  3. Power Response

  4. Solar

  5. Engine Services