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ITT Engineered Valves

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ITT Engineered Valves

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States


ITT Engineered Valves are essential equipment in industries ranging from mining to biopharmaceuticals, from nuclear operations to oil sands. With experience in valve development, design, manufacturing, installation, and automation, product offerings include market-leading industrial knife-gate and hygienic diaphragm valves. ISO 9001:2000 certified custom manufacturer of industrial valves for fluid control applications. Types of valves include butterfly, check, control, swing check, wedge gate, ball, diaphragm, knife gate, lined & shut-off valves. Features of valves include abrasion, corrosion & acid resistance. Actuators & pipeline strainers are also available. Applications include use in piping systems, chemical processing, power generation, pulp & paper, mining, marine, water & wastewater treatment & oil sands, pollution control industries.
  1. Industrial knife-gate valves

  2. Hygienic diaphragm valves