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GE Renewable Energy

EVERYWHERE WE LOOK We see the promise of renewable energy

About Company:

GE Renewable Energy is a 10 billion dollar start-up that brings together one of the broadest product and service portfolios of the renewable energy industry. With more than 22,000 employees present in more than 55 countries, GE Renewable Energy is backed by the resources of the world’s first digital industrial company. Amid growing electricity demand, rising fuel costs, and climate change concerns, GE believes renewable energy can make the difference. Together with our customers, success depends on proving that hydro, wind, and solar technologies can run the biggest economies and reach the most remote communities. Our team has the courage, scale, passion, diversity and resourcefulness to take on this mission. With an innovative spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset, we engineer energy products and digital services that create industry-leading value for our customers around the world.
  1. Wind energy, Blades

  2. Hydropower

  3. Hybrid power

  4. Renewable energy

  5. Grid, Digital

Categories of Products Manufactured by GE Renewable Energy:

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    Horizontal Wind Turbines
    12 Devices
    Hydro Turbines
    2 Devices
    Francis Hydro Turbine
    1 Device
    Kaplan Hydro Turbine
    1 Device
    Pelton Hydro Turbine
    1 Device