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Axu s.r.l.

Ideas for your innovations and proven solutions

About Company:

AXU S.r.l. is a small company founded in the year 2001 in Milan, Italy, which has always brought forth innovative ideas and solutions aimed at all sectors, providing products and services for difficult avilability. For example, since 2001 we have promoted the sale of microwebservers to integrate into other equipment, of energy storage systems from hundreds of kilowatts based on flywheels, of position sensors with copper microcoils ​​on silicon chips, of contactless torque sensors and torque meters also suitable for applications in large quantities, of high-power programmable power supplies for laboratories and test rooms. Now AXU S.r.l. sells also voltage dips compensators based on supercapacitors and smart glasses for remote assistance for service and training, and wireless sensors. We provide MTBF calculation for your electronic cards.
  1. AC/DC programmable power supplies and AC/AC grid simulators

  2. Mechanical couplings

  3. Plastic infrared windows for thermography

  4. MTBF Values Prediction