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Azelio AB

Building a renewable future

About Company:

Azelio was born from the conviction that the future can be powered by solar energy. Determined to break down the last barrier we have relentlessly worked to find an economically attractive and sustainable way of storing solar energy so that it can be tapped when and where it`s needed. Using a combination of proven technology and innovative engineering we have created a flexible solution that opens up unlimited opportunities for hundreds of millions of people around the earth’s sun belt. Since the inception Azelio has raised more than one billion SEK. The company is currently in an extensive expansion phase, finding new partners and establishing presence all over of the world.
  1. Thermal Energy Storage

  2. Stirling Engine

  3. Dispatchable Solar Energy

  4. Distributed Solar Energy

  5. PV, Wind Power

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  • Stirling Engines
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