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Manufacture & Exporter of Thermal Heat Transfer and Refrigeration Equipment

About Company:

FITZER INCORPORATION, is engage in the field of Design, Manufacturing & Exporting THERMAL HEAT TRANSFER, REFRIGERATION AND HVAC EQUIPMENT. such as, Spiral Heat exchanger, Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Oil coolers Fin Fan Coolers Process Gas Cooler, Air Heater, Air Pre Heaters, , Hydraulic oil coolers,Air Cooled Heat Exchangers & various types of Shell & Tube Heat exchangers / Evaporators / Condensers, Industrial Dehumidifiers Evaporative condensers, Blowers, HVAC equipment, Ice plants &TES (THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS) Our brand chooses to stand firm in the Indian & International market with promise, standard & guarantee.
  1. Heat Exchangers, ICE Plants

  2. Finned Tubes, Tanks & Vessels

  3. Thermal Energy Storage System

  4. HVACR Products, Industrial Chillers

  5. Industrial Filters