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Energiebau Solarstromsysteme GmbH

About Company:

Energiebau established Energiebau solar power benelux bv as their first successful subsidiary company outside Germany. Today, Energiebau is represented by its own companies in five countries, on three different continents. Energiebau will be represented in the key photovoltaic markets all over the workd. In those countries where we do not have our own branch, the Cologne-based international sales team provides extensive advice and sales support, assistance with planning the layout of photovoltaic systems and regionally-based seminars for professionals.
  1. PV Inverter, Central Inverters, Battery Inverter

  2. Connected Storage Systems

  3. Free-Standing String Inverter

  4. Medium Voltage Power Station

  5. Power Plant Controller, Fuel Save Controller (FSC)