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Topsun Co.,Ltd.

Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk, Korea South[email protected]+82613991500

About Company:

Topsun believe solar power will be the fundamental solutions for environment&energy and be the standard of national power in the near future. For the development and diffusion of solar power, as `Solar total solution company we will do our best.Environment & energy is one of major issue in this century. It is times our planet requires alternative and renewable energy from us.Business : modules. Ingots, wafers, cell manufacturing lines, consulting solar plant system design and installation, consulting for solar plants,electrical safety management and installation, inverters photothermal, wind power, fuel cells, bio energy
  1. Solar modules

  2. Solar power plant

  3. ESS business

  4. Licensing and PF

  5. Maintenance service