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Confidence built on experience

Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal

About Company:

A4F is a biotechnology company, located in Portugal, with more than 20 years of accumulated experience in microalgae Research & Development and microalgae production (up to industrial scale). A4F is specialized in the design, build, operation and transfer (DBOT) of commercial-scale microalgae production units, using different technologies that better adapt to our Customers’ business. A4F will share its experience and its vision for microalgae biomass as an emerging sustainable source of raw materials or as final products, in an upswing global market for food, feed, cosmetics, pharma, bio fibers, fertilizers, wastewater treatment, soil remediation, and biofuel. We support the design and implementation of marketing strategies for economic exploitation and commercialization of microalgae products and applications in the global market.
  1. Microalgae biotechnology, Large-scale production of microalgae

  2. Management of bioengineering projects for microalgae production units (pilot and industrial scale)

  3. Technical consultancy in microalgae production, DBOT, GMO microalgae strains

  4. Consultancy Services, Technical Services

  5. Training