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Gading Kencana Sun Bhd

An Energy Service Company

About Company:

Gading Kencana Sdn Bhd is a renewable energy services company founded by Ir Guntor Tobeng and Hasnah Awang. Recognising the potential of renewable energy in Malaysia, the founders have been steering the company steadily forward from its inception, first in the solar lights market, then progressing to solar and hybrid systems and recently breaking into large-scale solar PV systems with outputs by the hundreds of kilowatts. With growth, the company has added even more services, from energy audits to energy efficiency consultancy and more, to offer clients a full one-stop service for all their renewable energy needs.
  1. Solar Street Lights

  2. Solar Photovoltaic System

  3. Energy Audit Services

  4. Energy Management Consulting

  5. Electrical Work and Maintenance Services