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Clean Combustion Technologies AB

Dynamic Performance

About Company:

Clean Combustion develops dynamic industrial combustion technologies and systems to improve efficiency and lower emissions. The evolution towards our “Dynamic Performance” concept started over two decades ago when my brother Mr. Bertil Myrén worked as a field engineer at large mills in Sweden. He began to question and challenge both the operation and the technology used within combustion processes. We founded Clean Combustion in 1999 with the ambition to turn my brother’s innovations into results to improve the combustion process and efficiency. Impressed with the results we were encouraged by our clients to pursue our ideas. This strengthens our drive to further improve our technology and organisation. Now almost two decades later we welcome all interested customers worldwide to take part in and share our “Dynamic Performance” vision.
  1. Multi-fuel Burner Systems, Adjustable swirl turbulators

  2. Unique Vortex Injector Design, Flexible fuel lances, Automatic Gas Injectors

  3. Project Management, 3D Scanning & Plant Modeling, Documentation

  4. Erection and Commissioning Supervision, Training and Education

  5. Service and Maintenance Program, Custom Product Design