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Tri-apical Pharma & Integrated Services

About Company:

The company is made up of four divisions doing business in the area of Agriculture, Bioenergy, Pharmaceutical and Integrated consultancy services. The company is directly involved in farming and marketing of both produce and processing of produce. It has farm lands situated in various locations of Northern Nigeria part of the country. Tri-Apical Pharma & Integrated Services Ltd is directly involved in bioenergy projects which is currently at the start and logistic stage. Also provides pharmaceutical services where it is involved in running subsidiaries community outlets for marketing and distribution, and in the near future to embark on manufacturing. Currently the outlets operating Pharmacy for community based practice and distribution outlet for wholesales and distributorship are situated in Kano and Edo states.
  1. Agriculture & Agro-Allied Products

  2. Bioenergy & Renewable Energy Projects

  3. Pharmaceuticals & Allied Chemicals

  4. Integrated Consultancy Service