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Hao Wei International Pte. Ltd.

About Company:

Hao Wei International is a company focused in providing the top standard extruded polystyrene thermal insulating product,`TIAN SHENG XPS`. With a combined experience of more than 1 decade in polystyrene manufacturing and exporting industry, the directors of Hao Wei International has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable asset for Hao Wei`s international clients. With a concept to provide more convenience and timely delivery to their clients, Hao Wei International started their own manufacturing chain in Malaysia to meet the ever growing demand in 2006. Having their office in Benoi Road, Hao Wei International is able to provide quick response to immediate demand while tapping on their large capacity of storage.
  1. Tian Sheng XPS

  2. Tian Sheng XPS FR

  3. Customized XPS