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About Company:

Namdhari Eco Energies Private Limited (Formally Eco Energies) specializes in solving energy efficiency challenges in today’s highly demanding environments. We help companies to improve their energy efficiency by auditing their site and identifying the energy saving opportunities. We take up the consulting as well as the turnkey projects for implementation of Remote monitoring system. We have designed an Energy Management system which makes sure that site maintain its energy efficiency level even after years. We have more than 100 satisfied customers from almost all industrial sectors across India. Based on our expertise and industry standards, we customize our solutions for the needs of the industry.
  1. Datalogger-Gateway, Oxygen Analyser

  2. Digital Power Meter, Digital Flow Meters

  3. Pyranometer, Energy Audit Instruments

  4. Gas Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensor

  5. Water Quality Sensors