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BDH Inc.

Over 30 Years Experience ... "Under Our Belts"

Pennsylvania, United States

About Company:

Manufacture of Link-v-belting for power transmission and conveying applications. Stocking fabricator of extruded urethane belts and joining equipment. BDH was founded by our president, Barry Hershey, after working for the Manheim Manufacturing & Belting Co. (now Fenner Drives) for 17 years. He originally started The Apple Belting Co. in 1990 selling and fabricating conveyor belting along with belting related components. The products of the Hexthane Corporation were folded into the company several years later with the expansion into Extruded Urethane Belting. The name was changed to BDH Inc. when engineering was implemented to develop a new line of Link-V-Belting. After years of trial and error, success was finally realized with composite material produced from scratch which provided both strength and flexibility. These products (Link -V-Belting, Extruded Urethanes, Conveyor Belting and Belt Accessories) remain as the key focus of BDH today.
  1. Link V Belting

  2. Urethane Belts & Conveyor Belting

  3. Belt Welding Tools

  4. O-Ring Drive Belts

  5. Pulleys and Belt Guides & Belt Welding Kits