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Paxton Products has lead the industry in blower innovation through the years, culminating in the introduction of the most efficient 10–20 hp blowers in the world in 2016: Paxton’s PX-Series Ultra High Efficiency Centrifugal Blowers. In 2019, Paxton launched the 3–7.5 hp PX-series blowers, improving efficiencies for these smaller, lower horsepower models, making the full Paxton line ultra-efficient
  1. Paxton Products is a pioneer in the development of air knives and other air delivery devices

  2. Paxton PX-Series Centrifugal Blowers reach peak efficiencies of 80%

  3. Paxton Products’ technical application engineers have decades of experience and can design a solution for your application needs

  4. Paxton Air Systems will significantly reduce the environmental footprint of your drying, blow off and air rinsing applications

  5. Paxton PX-series blower designs deliver more air power than traditional centrifugal blowers

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