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Conveco S.r.l.


About Company:

CONVECO is a landmark company and market leader as regards installations of biogas plant in Italy. We design, develop and build a complete range of products used for the plants for the extraction, analysis, combustion and/or use of biogas from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as well as leachate drainage, control and collection networks. Company`s know-how is continuously improved by synergy with skilled environmental field professionals and consultants, driving us beyond the technical matters in order to promote environmental awareness. Continuous investments in research, equipment and qualified personnel have ensured excellent development trends for our company, expanding its operations on international markets and consolidating its already extensive coverage of the national market.
  1. "HT" biogas suction and combustion systems

  2. "C" Suction and Combustion Systems

  3. Static Torch, Regulation stations, Condensate drains, Wellheads

  4. Pipes, slotted probes for biogas and drainage

  5. Electric and pneumatic pumps, Analysis Framework