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Vergent Power Solutions is the exclusive distributor for Capstone Turbine in the Upper Midwest, New England, and Eastern Canada. We are microturbine experts. Microturbine energy is our passion. We work together with our customers and project partners to complete energy projects that exceed expectations by being on time and performing to specifications. We take pride in providing American clean energy technology that delivers economic return to businesses, hardens infrastructure, and makes our world a better place. Vergent Power Solutions was formed in 2014 for the sole purpose of bringing Capstone microturbine products to market and providing best-in-class, long-term service to microturbine users in our territory. We are a 100% microturbine-focused company. We also provide application engineering services to ensure that all projects are done right, the first time. The president and founder of Vergent Power Solutions is Justin Rathke, who spent six years in senior management positions at Capstone Turbine Corporation. The Vergent team brings passion and skill to any project, and is 100% customer-focused in its approach.

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