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Fern Engineering, Inc.

Uniquely focused on GE & Siemens gas turbine fuel nozzles, cooling and hardware for Rolls-Royce

About Company:

Fern Engineering is an experienced turbomachinery engineering company that provides expert consulting services and products to the global energy and power industry. Since the company's founding in 1967, it has established a worldwide reputation of excellence among users and manufacturers of turbomachinery. Fern Engineering prides itself on providing clients independent, top quality, professional services that are unmatched in the industry.
  1. Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzle Refurbishment

  2. Gas Turbine Consultation & Analysis

  3. Turbomachinery Design & Engineering

  4. Turbomachinery Products

  5. Gas Turbine Inlet Fogging & Overspray Installations

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    Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Spare Parts
    1 Device

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