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Since its foundation in 1923, Fuji Electric has pursued innovation in energy and environment technology to make broad contributions to the world in the fields of industrial and social infrastructure. Global society is currently engaged in a movement to achieve economic growth while simultaneously addressing social and environmental issues. This commitment can be seen in the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a set of goals for realizing a sustainable society, and the Paris Agreement, an international framework for combating global warming. Companies, too, have come to be expected to take part in proactive efforts toward these goals as responsible members of society. The direction indicated by Fuji Electric’s corporate philosophy and management policies coincides with the goals of global society. We are thus committed to working together with our customers and business partners to help resolve social and environmental issues through the creation of products and systems that efficiently utilize electricity and heat. Acting in accordance with our corporate slogan of being “enthusiastic, ambitious and sensitive,” we will utilize the comprehensive strengths of dedicated teams of diverse individuals to contribute to the creation of sustainable societies through our energy and environment businesses.

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