6B.03 Heavy Duty Gas Turbine for Sale by EthosEnergy

6B.03 Heavy Duty Gas Turbine for Sale by EthosEnergy

GE Frame 6 Gas Turbine Power Packages for Sale Our gas turbine is a General Electric MS 6541B (Frame 6B), manufactured in Italy by Nuovo Pignone. All previous maintenance history is available upon request and recorded by the OEM maintenance reports. This gas turbine was always maintained by the OEM (General Electric) under an LTSA program. It was first synchronized in 1994, entered commercial operation in February 2005, and was finally put in conservation mode in 2010, after the end of the steam purchase agreement with Pirelli. The gas turbine was installed indoor and always worked on Natural gas, operating in a combined cycle to feed electricity and steam to an industrial user (Pirelli tires). The casing for this unit is no longer available. The engine is available for sale as-is or any separate 6541 engine component could be dismantled, refurbished, and sold individually.

Manufactured Year:1994


Price:On Request

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