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Micro Turbine Technology (MTT)

Micro Turbine Technology (MTT)



MTT has developed the EnerTwin, the world's first micro CHP system based on a very small gas turbine. The EnerTwin produces both heat and electricity while heating your premises, thus saving purchase of electricity from the utility. Using gas turbine technology, the EnerTwin has maintenance cost of only 20% compared to competing micro CHP systems. This allows its user to substantially reduce its energy cost: in several use cases the TCO have been reduced by more than 50% compared to conventional solutions (condensing boiler plus electricity from the grid). The EnerTwin is commercial within the EU. MTT's ambition is to develop low cost high efficient micro gas turbines and commercial applications thereof. The potential of low cost micro gas turbines as a ‘prime mover’ for converting small scale thermal energy into mechanical / electrical power is enormous. And its importance is growing due to the increasing environmental awareness of society. The main applications are (1) the EnerTwin, a very cost effective Micro CHP (Combined Heat and Power unit) which delivers warmth and electricity for households and SMEs, (2) a Combined Auxiliary power unit and Parking heater (CAP) for long haul trucks and (3) a Range Extender for Electrical Vehicles. MTT has developed a micro gas turbine based upon off the shelf components and technology adapted from the automotive industry which leads to advantages as low cost price and reliability. This makes MTT's Micro CHP the most cost efficient system in the market.

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