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Vericor Power Systems

Responsive, Customer Focused & Flexible

About Company:

Vericor is an MTU Aero Engines company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, U.S.A. Vericor supplies gas turbines, systems and related services for marine, oil and gas and power generation customers. Vericor is dedicated to being responsive, flexible and easy to work with while providing quality, cost-effective solutions and services.In partnership with our customers, Vericor’s mission is to deliver optimum aero-derivative, gas turbine-based power solutions and related services for marine propulsion, mechanical drive, and electrical power generation applications. Vericor is dedicated to being responsive, flexible and customer focused while providing quality, cost-effective solutions, and services.

Categories of Products Manufactured by Vericor Power Systems:

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    Industrial Gas Turbine GenSets
    3 Devices
    Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
    3 Devices
    Marine Gas Turbines
    3 Devices
    Upstream Gas Turbines
    4 Devices
    Mechanical Drive Gas Turbines
    3 Devices