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Deepa Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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About Company:

Deepa Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 1998 is an innovative and highly technical enterprise with focus on tapping the inexhaustible Solar Energy to provide constructive and Innovative practical solar energy solutions for an evolving market place and to empower mankind by siphoning off the nature`s gift offered in abundance.
  1. SPV Modules, Solar Power Plant, Solar LED/CFL Street Light

  2. Wind Hybrid System, Solar LED High Mast Lighting System

  3. Solar Traffic Signals & Blinkers, Solar Home Lighting system, Plug-in with Technical Specification

  4. Solar Water Heater, Solar Garden Light, Solar LED/CFL Lantern, Down Light, Solar Pump

  5. Centralized Solar Charging Station, Solar Bicycle, LED Hording & Focus Light